Rock Your Diva is a party experience company inspired by the world’s famous divas, past and present. We host diva themed dance parties and diva inspired makeup parties. Our team is made up of professional dance choreographers and instructors and professional makeup artists. All of our sessions are inspired by divas; be it their music and dance moves, or their beauty and style. We bring these elements to our clients with either a dance or makeup party, or both!
The dance parties are 100% bespoke; the client can select any diva they wish, choose a selection of the diva’s songs and then we’ll create a supermix using the chosen songs, and then we choreograph a routine to teach them, taking the most iconic steps from the artists own videos and performances and mixing these steps with a bit of our own choreography! We are experienced teaching complete beginners through to pro dancers. Everyone of all ages and abilities can have fun and enjoy our dance sessions!
Rock Your Diva also host makeup parties; a great girly experience! Glam up for a special occasion. Makeup can be styled based on a diva’s ‘look’ either from a music video/magazine shoot or the red carpet, with the focus being on the eye makeup = Diva Eyes!
Both these party experiences are perfect for group activities; hen parties/birthday parties/prom celebrations/girls night out/Christmas parties etc.
We also run Disney themed dance parties for children.
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