— 50th Birthday Ideas.

11 Great 50th Birthday ideas.


Doing a fake newspaper is so much fun. This is the Google link to dozens of sites. Make up your own stories and blend them with the things that happened that day the birthday boy or girl was born


For your husband, wife or partner type up a list of “50 things I Love about You.” Write about happy memories, things heshe did for me, hisher character, when I’ve been proud of himher, etc. Then cut up the list and hide each strip of paper all over the house (make sure you number the list, so you’ll know when all 50 are found. For example tape one to his beer in the fridge. Tape one on the lawnmower. Put one inside hisher work shoes. It will take ages to find all 50 it will be so much fun and your partner will feel really good reading all those kind things about themselves.


For ladies why not have a huge sleepover with girlfriends from high school, church, elementary school, neighbors, etc. Share appetizers, chocolate, wine, beer etc. Play games and chat about the good old days etc. have a big breakfast and then go on a big shopping. Dump the kids and husbands for 24 hours.


Invite the party boy or girl to your house. Using garden stakes, create a timeline along the path to your front door noting 10 (1 for every 5 years) special moments in his or her life. The timeline will give the person a sense that something is up, but won’t give them enough time to bolt. When you answer the knock at the door, be sure to hold up the last garden stake with the date and “So and so’s Surprise Birthday Party!” written on it. It’s fun to keep the garden stakes, and even use them in the garden.


Another great idea is an “Over the Mountain” party. Print mountain banners from the computer, and made a camping scene in the corner of the room, with sleeping bags, lanterns, and a fake campfire. Invite the guests to dress in hiking clothes, with backpacks and hiking sticks. Centerpieces can be bandannas and mess kits, cans of beans, mountain pie irons, etc. Everyone will love it It’s a very masculine theme, and a lot more upbeat than the “over the hill” idea.

Something we’ve done is given that person 50 (60, 70, 80… whatever age!) items to celebrate each year. For your friend who is turning 50, give himher 50 “old person” items bought at the dollar store, got for free or “recycled”. Include things like big pill boxes, depends, fibers, etc.


Research events that took place the year before (whilst in womb), the year of, and the year after the birth of the party boy or girl. Find items that fit, record albums from the thrift store, hula hoops, saddle shoes, but also items that were important to history and politics and science. Use the items as centerpieces on the tables and place cards underneath each item and play trivial pursuit (shout out version) as a group. This will be enormous fun. Only play relevant music and learn the older dance moves of that time and teach the guests the same dance moves. Dress up in period clothes to truly get into the spirit.


Ok, here’s a fun one and it’ll get everyone interacting with each other. Get note cards and put the names of famous people (or infamous, the funnier the better) on them. When each guest arrives, you pin one to their back, and they have to circulate the room asking everyone questions about whom they “are”, but only questions that can be answered by YES or NO. Use names like Anna Nicole Smith, Oprah, Barbara Walters, etc, names that the age group would be somewhat familiar with. You don’t want them too easy, but not too difficult either. It really is a lot of fun, and gets strangers talking and laughing with each other.


What about a 50s party as in 1950s. The 50s had great music and everyone could dress in poodle skirts and leather jackets, a sock hop type thing.


Print up and frame a plaque listing 50 reasons I love the party girl, then hand paint wine glasses with different designs and all having the number 50 on them somewhere, and finally give her a jar filled with tiny handmade envelopes containing messages with 50 happy thoughts.


How about “50 Years Young”? Or “Aged to Perfection”? Both of those are upbeat themes. Maybe do a collage of photos of his life, include school photos, military pictures, wedding photos, old drivers licenses, and the cars he once owned.

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