If you’re looking for 13th Birthday ideas and you’re into music ‘Big Time’ then Video Rock Star could very well hold the Teen Party ideas key for you. These parties are available in the Sydney metropolitan area

To find out lots more about Video Rock Star Teen Parties in Sydney go to: http://www.popidolparties.com.au/video-rock-star-teen-parties/

To see the demo site and how your own website could look go to: http://popstarpartiesdemo.wordpress.com/

Hi, John Bennetts here from Pop Idol Parties and if you’re living in Sydney and you have a teenage son or daughter that’s looking for something really different then, this is the party for you – It’s called Video Rock Star.

0:15 Now for the Video Rock Star Parties we
– come to you,
– we record their favourite song,
– record a video clip for that song,
– have a Paparazzi Photo Session,
– they all sign their Rock Star Autographs
– and then we do a Video Interview with the group.

0:30 Now the really special thing about this is that these all go onto the own website!

0:34 On the Home Page of their website we’ll put the Video, we’ll put a group photo, an mp3 of the song, and the Video Interview.

0:41 For the About Page, well this is all about the Pop Star boy or girl and we can put their information and photos onto that.

0:50 On the Gallery Page we put all the photographs we take during the session.

0:55 On the Video Page, if you let us know your five favourite songs then we’ll take all those five songs from Youtube and embed them onto the Video Page.

1:03 In the Widget Bar on the right hand side we’ll put a sketch of the birthday boy or girl and all the autographs from the group.

Now if you’re really worried about this, the site is password protected so no-one can get in there unless they do have the password.

1:18 Before the party you need to choose a Group Name, you need to choose a website Header, the Font Style, a Background Image for your website, and the song you’re going to perform making sure that all the group is going to love the song.

1:30 Then you choose the Invitation – send the invitation out to everybody, let us know your five favourite songs and if you want to do some simple Choreography for the Video Clip, then that would be fantastic.

1:41 Now, this is for a maximum of ten people only and, if you want to know more about it and see a demonstration site that we put up for this party then, click on the link below and go through and find out all about it and, we’ll speak to you soon.



Video Rock Star Teen Party Ideas Sydney – 13th Birthday Ideas
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